1. fuckyeahbostonterriers:

Basil loves Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead. 

Instagram: Basilheart
  2. annmariexrose:

    Single and ready to get nervous around anyone I find attractive.

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  3. sweptoutofmymind:

    today I burned my tongue on a piece of pizza and I think that it’s a very strong metaphor that sometimes the things you love most in life will hurt you.

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  5. raddestlooks:

Raddest Looks On The Internet http://www.raddestlooks.net
  6. batpigandme:

This girl ate pizza for breakfast #frenchie #frenchbulldog #pizza by emmagoldpup http://ift.tt/1r95IiR
  7. badbadnotart:

Knitting and dip-dyeing in caps for a letterset project in first year typography!
  8. detuarte:

Pastel palet and bed with knitted throws
 Encontrado en houzz.com
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  9. motleycraft-o-rama:

By BeatKnit on KnitBritish.
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