1. Twinsies. #frenchbulldog #dogsofinstagram #thisiswhyimsingle
  2. 2headedsnake:

    Januz Miralles

    (Source: behance.net, via fatherofoscar)

  3. batpigandme:

Talk nerdy to me. by cesar_frenchie http://ift.tt/1sG5HA5
  4. Pictured are the legs of tattoo artist “Cindy Ray” aka Bev Robinson c. 1960s.


    (Source: vintagegal, via fuckyeahtraditionaltattoos)

  5. knitdreams:


    Embroidered brooches by cOnieco

    i’m dying with this beautiful pieces
  6. donald-j:

Untitled by Donald J
  7. d-e-a-r-vogue:



street style  -  HOE

✖️ streets of vogue ✖️

More here.
  8. stitcherywitchery:

Bekki Bjarnoll’s free pattern for the simple crocheted Hanging Basket.  Instructions available in English and Norwegian.

In case I ever need Lily off the ground…;)
  9. paperpastries:

Here’s a sneak peek of my newest product- the hand lettered greetings from state stamp. Remember, you saw it here first! #paperpastries
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